Proof of Performance! TM Veterans clearly understands the true value we as Veterans bring to employers. Additionally, TM Veterans is partnered with employers who genuinely seek us out for our values, work ethic and our ability to accomplish the mission with distinction. As my personal efforts were not effective, I contacted TM Veterans and explained what I wanted to accomplish. Not only did they meet my expectations, they far exceeded them. I am very excited to report I have not only found my dream job, I have found my second career. Without reservation, I highly recommend TM Veterans for their professionalism, genuine commitment and outstanding results! Jeff

I cannot say thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family. My wife wanted to move back home to CA, and I was having problems finding the right opportunity while transitioning 2,000 miles away. Still can’t believe what you have done for us. I have a great career now and being well compensated. Tim S.

Just a short note saying your awesome! I received my offer three month before I exited the service. Made my transition from military to civilian life so much easier. Daniel W.

When I spoke to you the first time I could not believe that you took the time to really explain different facts about the civilian life along with what companies are looking for. With your guidance I was able to join a fantastic company. Your knowledge is incredible. Julie A.

I have been out of the service for almost 2 years and heard about TM Veterans. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to submit my resume which was the best move I have made. I was driving for a very large company and always felt I was just a number. Not only did I get a dedicated run making more money than I did driving OTR, but I am now home daily. Glad to know there are companies like you out there. Robert P.

When I submitted my resume to you and we set up a time to talk I was nervous of what was going to be discussed since I never have had to have a resume. You shot holes in the resume but explained that I was missing so many tasks that I was cross trained on during my career. You then walked me threw the process and my resume was ready. Within a week I received my first offer and that was 60 days before I was getting out. Your expertise really helped me and my family. Thank you. Terrance V.

While serving overseas, I was having a hard time finding a position back home. You made the process easy and I got to move back home to Texas and start a new chapter in my life. You always hear veterans look after veterans, but you take that saying to a new level. HOOAH!! Chris H.

I attended many job fairs but could not find what I wanted to do. After we spoke and discussed many options you really went above the call to introduce me to a company close to home with only three weeks before I got out. I will always recommend you! Jennifer O.

Currently I serve in the reserves and wanted to see what was in my area since I wanted a different challenge. After speaking with you and explaining my experience, I was very motivated to see what was available. Several weeks later I was starting my new journey. Michael R.

After serving for over 20 years in the military I was looking for a company that I could join and possible give them 20 years. You explained to me that I had so much to offer and provided me several options as for a possible career. I am now the operations manager for a great company. I am still amazed of the options I never would have thought about before we spoke. Bill E.

Thank you for working with veterans. John joined our team in the roll of maintenance technician and has been incredible to the organization. Not only does he have the traits you spoke about like commitment and dedication, listening to him speak and take care of other veterans has brought a different motivation to our company. We support. Sara Z. Director

I salute you for your assistance in finding me a great career. I was stressing big time going through all the classes knowing I had to find a well-paying career to support my family. My problem was I wanted to find something in Arizona and was stationed in North Carolina. You got me connected with a top-level company and the rest is history. William F.

Your understanding of the transition process from the service is what motivated me to discuss my future goals. Listening to your experience and recommendations has been a blast for me. My excitement has been raised to another bar. I love my new role as a logistics supervisor. David W.