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Landscape Associate Shawnee KS #638877

Position Overview
Provide skilled landscape work as a specialist in landscape installation. Maintains landscape equipment and performs related duties as required.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
• Fertilize, and water trees, shrubs, and flowers.
• Use shovels, picks, tillers, loaders, sod cutters, laser levels, plate compactors, and other hand and power equipment.
• Cultivate and prepare grounds for planting; move trees, shrubs, and flowers.
• Install trees, shrubs, and flowers in a landscape in accordance with best practices, proper planting technique, and the landscape plan or design.
• Maintain and make minor repairs on landscape equipment such a loaders, backhoes, trucks, saws, and power tools.
• Perform landscape construction.
• Prepare site.
• Initiate excavation and trenching for installation of pipe, wire, drainage, and electrical conduit.
• Perform filling, grading and compacting of building sites.
• Dissect and remove concrete, asphalt, pavers, and hardscapes as necessary.
• Install patios, retaining walls, and other hardscape elements.
• Prepare soil and installs new landscape plant material.
• Transplant existing plant material as needed.

Required Education, Work Experience, and Competencies

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

1. Knowledge and understanding of common terms, procedures, and principles associated with landscaping and landscape maintenance.
2. Knowledge and understanding of techniques for planting flowers, shrubs, and trees; installing landscape elements such as bed edging, mulch, decorative elements.
3. Able to identify and solve problems associated with such work.
4. Able to make minor repairs to landscaping equipment and other maintenance equipment.
5. Able to drive vans, pick ups (with & without trailers), loaders, etc.
6. Able to follow established safety practices.
7. Able to plan and prioritize work; and set and meet deadlines.
8. Able to advise and guide others to completions of assigned tasks.
9. Able to work in adverse weather conditions, varied schedules, weekends, and types of work.
10. Bilingual a plus

Work Conditions
1. Will typically work outdoors with exposure to a variety of weather conditions including extreme heat and cold. Work assignments are labor intensive which require the physical ability to stand and/or walk while manipulating a variety of tools to perform assigned tasks. Must have the ability to navigate on uneven terrain, bend, crouch, reach, and lift up to 50 lbs on a regular basis.
General Competencies
Cognitive Skills

Learning Continuously: Enjoy thinking, learning, and mental activity; actively pursue intellectual interests; concentrate and study hard. Continuously develop skills and knowledge required for business growth. Keep current on industry trends, technology, competition, and company issues. Use challenges and experiences as opportunities to learn. Learn from mistakes, setbacks, and successes.

Communication Skills:Listening. Demonstrate attention to and convey understanding of the comments and questions of others; listen well in a group without interrupting; interpret both the words spoken and the body language used by others; uses paraphrasing and body language to convey understanding.

Oral Communication: Discuss ideas in a clear, succinct, organized, and interested manner; effectively get one’s message across in a one-on-one and/or group situation; use supporting material effectively; draw out information, ideas, and solutions form others rather than directing or telling.

Interpersonal/Teaming Skills: Interpersonal Flexibility. Accurately interpret interpersonal cues and appropriately modify one’s own behavior to accommodate situations or individuals. Treat others with respect, even when disagreeing; deliver feedback with tact; show respect for the concerns of others.

Team Commitment: Demonstrate personal commitment to team mission, vision, and accomplishments; show a strong willingness to carry out the group’s goals; help others make their best contribution to the team; have pride in working for the organizations (with the group); willing to make personal sacrifices for the organization when necessary.

Leadership: Fostering Teamwork. Encourage teamwork by building cohesive, results-oriented teams committed to organizational goals; build a team culture that draws on the strengths of diverse team members; foster collaboration and synergy among team members and among teams.

Valuing Diversity: Maintain effectiveness in varying environments and with different tasks. Modify behavior to interact with people of dissimilar styles and backgrounds. Communicate effectively in multi-cultural/national settings. Achieve organizational goals in support of and development of a diverse work force.

Administrative Skills: Attention to Detail. Accomplish tasks through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small; show concern for all aspects of the job; accurately check processes and tasks; maintain watchfulness over a period of time.

Working Efficiently: Set priorities and allocate time appropriately; address issues systematically, process paperwork rapidly