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Position Summary

A Groundsperson is responsible for preparing the job site, load and unloading trucks with logs, brush, and debris. This position services and maintains equipment, directs traffic, and cleans up the job site. A Groundsperson will assist tree crews by working on the ground, handing tools and heavy materials to crew members.

Duties, Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Essential Functions:

  • Passes tools to tree crew members by acting as a general helper on the ground
  • Clears undergrowth from right-of-way by using hand tools or saws
  • Piles debris to clear paths and performs general clean-up of job sites
  • Flags traffic to protect employees and the public from injury
  • Uses a chainsaw to cut brush, logs, and stumps of larger trees
  • Gathers brush and feeds brush into woodchippers
  • Works in all temperatures and weather and will be exposed to nature, such as irritating plants, insects, dust, etc.
  • Works around falling limbs with protection
  • Operates the controls for winches, booms and spray equipment
  • Lays out materials, tools, and equipment at work site and furnishes to climbers
  • Follows hand, voice or other signals in operating associated equipment
  • Services gasoline, air and hand-powered tools, and other tree-related equipment
  • Gives and relays hand signals and directs traffic
  • Drives and operates trucks and equipment as assigned

Secondary Duties:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and ability to use lowering techniques, saw maintenance and devices as related to tree work in the field
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and ability to prune various trees species properly
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and ability to tie basic knots including but not limited to bowline, Blake’s hitch, taut-line hitch, and clove hitch
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and ability to learn proper tree groundwork

Performs other duties as assigned