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Groundsman I, II and Climber-In-Training Shawnee KS #638876

Job Title: Groundsman I, II and Climber-In-Training
Reports To: Foreman
Employment Status: Full Time

Position Overview:
A skilled laborer whose duties are vital to safety, quality, and overall production. This position is directly supervised and trained by the Foreman in all areas of ground operations. There are three classifications (Groundsman I, Groundsman II, and Climber-In-Training) of this position, distinguished by skill and experience level.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Groundsman I

• Complete Basic Groundsman Training Course.
• If driving, perform pre-trip vehicle inspections each morning and post-trip inspections each evening.
• Ensure all tools, supplies and materials are stocked in the truck.
• Responsible for basic cleanliness and maintenance of all tools.
• Ensure that fuel and fluids are full on all vehicles, saws, and other power equipment
• Aid climber with appropriate tools and safety protocols.
• Remove limbs and debris to disposal area (this includes raking, and basic yard cleanup)
• Operate hand equipment including but not limited to rakes and blowers. Ensure all tools are on the truck before leaving the job site.
• Complete all duties in compliance with AMTL safety policies, ANSI Z133.1, and OSHA safety standards, as well as ANSI A300 Pruning standards.

Groundsman II

• Same as Groundsman I plus:
o Ensure work zone safety.
o Operate some power equipment including but not limited to chainsaws, stump grinders, and brush chippers.
o Set up and operate a bucket truck from the ground.
o Assist Foreman in safely removing trees that require roping and rigging.


• Same as Groundsman II plus:
o Perform some pruning when requested by the foreman.
o May assist climber in rigging, and some cutting.
o Perform some basic tree identification.
o Responsible for increasing professional knowledge as much as possible.

Required Education, Work Experience, and Competencies

Education, Work Experience, and Certifications

Groundsman I

1. Must be at least 18 years old.
2. Must be in good health and able to perform physically strenuous work.
3. Must be able to follow directions.
4. Must be safety conscious.

Groundsman II (Groundsman I plus 🙂

1. 3-6 months experience as Groundsman I, or equivalent experience.
2. Knowledge of roping, rigging, knots, job set up and work zone safety.
3. Class “B” CDL with airbrake endorsement or in process.

Climber-In-Training (Groundsman II plus 🙂

1. Minimum 6 months as Groundsman II, or equivalent.
2. Possession of a climbing saddle and appropriate climbing equipment.
3. Completion of “Basic Tree Climbing” course.
4. Must be accident free.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Groundsman I

1. Ability to operate hand tools such as blowers and rakes.
2. Ability to learn operation of brush chippers, chainsaws, stump grinders, and other power equipment.
3. Ability to speak Spanish and English a plus.

Groundsman II (Groundsman I plus 🙂

1. Same as Groundsman I.
2. Able to operate brush chippers, chainsaws, stump grinders, and other power equipment.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Continued

Climber-In-Training (Groundsman II plus 🙂

1. Same as Groundsman II
2. Able to learn tree identification; and approved pruning, rigging, and climbing techniques.