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Driver – Tri-Axle Pleasant Gap PA #638963

Job Summary:This position is responsible for the safe, efficient, economical movement of material from one location to another, potentially year-round, as needed. Responsible for keeping GOH equipment in clean, serviceable condition, performing manual labor as assigned. This hourly, non-exempt position will work with indirect supervision.
Essential Functions: * Operate tri-axle dump truck safely and efficiently on public highways and in off-road situations to deliver asphalt or aggregate material into asphalt paver, widener, stone box, storage bins or onto stockpiles.
* Report all equipment malfunctions to maintenance staff.
* Perform required administrative duties.
* Perform manual labor such as shovel material.
* Meet performance and technical standards required to qualify for Tri-axle Driver 1 entry position.
* Exercise proper care and maintenance of company equipment.
* Frequently work more than 40 hours per week and non-traditional hours including night shift, Saturdays and occasionally Sundays.
* Perform additional assignments per supervisor’s direction.
Knowledge of:
* State and Federal regulations regarding vehicle weights, rules of the road and hours of service.
* Local, state and federal traffic laws.
* Heavy trucks.
* Mechanical concepts.
Ability to:
* Learn and follow GOH company policies and procedures.
* Properly and neatly maintain logbook according to Federal DOT requirements.
* Properly and neatly complete required GOH paperwork.
* Must possess minimum valid Class B PA Commercial Driver’s License for the state in which you reside with no air brake restrictions.
* Prefer valid Class A Commercial Driver’s License for the state in which you reside with tank and hazmat endorsements.
* Must meet company minimum standards for CDL drivers.
* Must obtain and maintain a current Medical Examiner’s Certificate as stated in 49 CFR 391.43(h).
* High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.
* Minimum of 3 years of verifiable experience in a like-CDL vehicle required.
Required Training:
* Annual Driver Training
* MSHA (if applicable)
Physical Requirements:
* Constant (67-100%) – Ability to wear required personal protective equipment.
* Constant (67-100%) – Ability to sit/drive/travel for extended periods of time.
* Constant (67-100%) – Ability to shift gears.
* Frequently (34-66%) – Ability to work in a shop or field environment with exposure to dust, fumes, noise, vibrations, extreme/inclement weather conditions and a variety of petroleum products.
* Occasionally (0-33%) – Ability to safely climb up the bed ladder and on trucks.
* Occasionally (0-33%) – Must be able to lift/carry 50 pounds. 
* Occasionally (0-33%) – Ability to walk and work on uneven terrain.
* Occasionally (0-33%) – Ability to see and work with a minimum amount of light on night shift operations.
* Occasionally (0-33%) – Ability to shovel and use other tools.
* Occasionally (0-33%) – Ability to push a maximum force of 83 pounds.
* Occasionally (0-33%) – Ability to pull a maximum force of 155 pounds.
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