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Position Summary

A Bucket Truck Operator is responsible is to assist with the clearing and removal of trees along electrical power lines and right-of-ways (ROWs). This position operates an aerial lift device (bucket truck) to reach branches interfering with electric lines. A Bucket Truck Operator also operates chain saws, pruners, brush chipper and may be called upon to climb trees using climbing equipment.

Duties, Responsibilities and Accountabilities

Essential Functions:

  • Uses wedges, sledges, and chain saws in felling trees or trimmed trunks and in cutting and splitting logs into manageable pieces
  • Responsible for following safe practices and rules while clearing and trimming trees and brush away from utility lines
  • Sprays brush and stumps, making proper and selective application of herbicides
  • Loads and unloads trucks with logs, stumps, brush, and debris
  • Operates and services equipment, such as gasoline, hydraulic tools, power saws, power winches, buckets, chippers, and sprayers
  • Safeguards employees and the public from hazards in and around work area
  • Cooperates with customers, police and fire departments when blocking street or driveways
  • Sets up barriers, warning signs, flags, markers, etc. to protect employees and public
  • Operates a bucket near energized lines
  • Performs tree and bucket rescue
  • Trains new personnel
  • Works in all temperatures and will be exposed to nature i.e., irritating plants and biting or stinging insects
  • Works near energized parts or equipment
  • Exposed to hazards of working near power equipment, traffic, high voltage wires, and falling limbs

Secondary Duties:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions
  • Demonstrates knowledge and ability to use lowering techniques, saw maintenance and devices as related to tree work in the field
  • Must be semi-skilled in mechanics
  • Must be proficient in proper tree groundwork including but not limited to: basic tree pruning and tree removal
  • Must be able to complete a proficiency test consisting of: climbing a ladder; knot tying; chain saw maintenance; the safe and proper handling and operation of chain saws, chippers, and stump grinders; and demonstrate proper tree groundwork abilities using a variety of equipment including but not limited to ropes, pole pruners, etc.

Performs other duties as assigned

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