TM Veterans Training and Mentorship Services


      • Decision Time
      • Military Transition Classes
      • Path to Entrepreneurship
      • Where to Call Home After Service
      • Deciding What to Do
      • Resume Building and Perfection
      • Market Yourself
      • Job Fairs and Career Day’s
      • Speaking with Companies
      • Landing the PERFECT Career Opportunity
      • Don’t UNDERSELL Yourself


TM Veterans exceeds expectations when discussing leadership values along with specific categories to constantly stay ahead when seeking to retain the best. Our core value holds true from serving in the armed forces by “the decisions you make as a leader, affect the lives you lead”.  A partial list of classes is listed below:

      • Team Management
      • Leading Change
      • Time Management
      • Recruiting
      • Talent Development
      • Conflict Management
      • Diversity
      • Coaching and Mentorship
      • Developing Others
      • Communication
      • Leadership/Personality Assessments
      • Performance Management
      • Creativity/Innovation
      • Critical Thinking
      • Team Building
      • Customer Service
      • Accountability
      • Difficult Conversations
      • Principles of Execution

Our programs can be scheduled at company locations or by video conference.
Please contact us for complete details or to create a specific development program.

Veterans simply make us better.
They bring an amazing skill set to the table.
Leadership, dedication and commitment are qualities they learn from the military.