Proof of Performance! TM Veterans clearly understands the true value we as Veterans bring to employers. Additionally, TMV is partnered with employers who genuinely seek us out for our values, work ethic and our ability to accomplish the mission with distinction. As my personal efforts were not effective, I contacted TMV and explained what I wanted to accomplish. Not only did they meet my expectations, they far exceeded them. I am very excited to report I have not only found my dream job, I have found my second career. Without reservation, I highly recommend TMV for their professionalism, genuine commitment and outstanding results! Jeff (Retired CSM)

To accomplish something extraordinary, one must have an extraordinary dream. A goal so high, a journey so demanding that its achievement too most seems impossible.


Thank You for Your Service Defending Our Country

Our story: I once attended a job fair as a potential employer at a military base. As one of the panel members, we were asked questions from active duty soldiers in the transitioning process. A Sergeant asked, In the civilian workforce how important is a resume? A lady that was representing a large fortune 500 company that NEVER SERVED immediately communicated that if she received a resume that the “summary” was not perfect, she would immediately place in the do not call stack. Right then I knew our veterans needed assistance with companies that want to hire veterans knowing the immediate impact they will receive on daily goals and objectives. We are an energetic, flexible, and open-minded team ready to work hard for veterans and transitioning veterans. We also were in the exact same position when we made our transition from active duty. We have career opportunities in logistics and the transportation industry across the United States.   Our openings consist of: Mechanics, CSR’s (Customer Service Representative’s), Operation Supervisors, Director of Maintenance, Warehouse Managers, Professional Truck Drivers, Cross-Dock Leads, Fleet Managers, Dispatcher’s and the list goes on. Transitioning from military life does not need to be a challenge. Let us find you the career you want after your service or if you are a veteran looking for a change. We just need to know where you want to call home!